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Bev & Gary Roe

Dear Dirk, Doug & Skip,

Bev and I extend a sincere thank you for the courtesy, gifts and friendship you extended to us during and after the recent purchase of our new Grady White.

The experience and service has been far beyond what we expected when we began boat shopping.

Brian and Monica Piern

Dirk, Jeff and Taylor Marine Crew:

I wanted to send you a note of sincere thanks for the years of discussion around the the purchase of a new Grady White. You know it was initially difficult for me to convert from that other top brand, but after delivery and use of the 255 in healthy 3-5 foot chop in the always tumultuous Tangier Sound, it was the best decision ever. My wife sat comfortably in the port side seat as we plowed through the waves with 15-20 knot winds on our inaugural run. We spent 3 hours on the boat and only climbed off after the sun went down.

Your knowledge, patience, and courteous staff has made the acquisition of this boat an absolute pleasure. The interaction I have experienced over the years is second to none, and that is not just in the marine industry but compared to any significant buying experience I have had.

Working with Jeff in the last week to complete the purchase and disposition of my Outrage 21 has been a pleasure. His attention to detail and lightning fast follow-up was great. The delivery experience exceeded my expectations, where Kevin was both knowledgeable and professional. His assistance with minor adjustments to my boat lift goes above and beyond a typical boat delivery, and my call to him with a question on Saturday was answered promptly and thoroughly.

I told you last year when we talked that I would buy another boat from you some day. Well, that day has come and gone now and I can confidently say that if our boating requires a different vessel in the future we will be back at Taylor Marine Center in Milford, DE to review the options.

I look forward to seeing you at the boat shows throughout the upcoming year.

Dr. Phil Beuscher


I'm responding to your letter of June 4th soliciting feedback. (Yes I'm sorting through my mail now)I met you at the Baltimore boat show but have largely dealt with Dave Ashley.

My new 225 Tournament is my 6th boat so you would think I don't need much help with picking what I want and what I need on a boat. I think Dave was instrumental with helping me buy the right boat for my needs. He listened carefully to what type of boating I do and guided me to a slightly bigger model that I will likely use more.

Additionally, just prior to delivery Dave suggested i get a relatively fancy GPS and depth finder. In retrospect I was in a cost minimizing mode at the boat show, not wanting to have any frills. At this point I'm glad I have the depth finder, once you have it I don't know how I went so long without one. In summery, Dave is quite skilled in "reading" what customers really want and helping them in immeasurable ways. He also gets 5 stars for responding promptly to any questions or needs. Dave is inherently a unique salesman and/or following the lead of a unique organization.

George B. Williams

This letter is to compliment Taylor Marine and all those on board at this Dealership. I've owned boats and heard from other boaters and articles about Grady's legendary quality. I bought a 228 Seafarer and everything has exceeded my expectations. The care and commitment to their product and the knowledge given to the boat buyer is exceptional. I hadn't been back on the water for 8 years but because of the sea trials and technical help, piloting the boat was a breeze.

Jane Sanger

Dear Doug, Skip, & Dirk,

Thank you for the wonderful binoculars. We have them safely waiting for the spring/summer to return, and the boat to re-enter the water.

But most importantly, thank you for the wonderful boat. This last summer my husband and I figured that we spent more than 30 days at the beach, actually not on the beach but playing with the boat! So much fun! The pleasure and the joy that we had as a family because of that boat is priceless to me and I look forward to the 2009 boating season with a smile & a twinkle.

But most importantly I wanted to thank you for the wonderful sales person you have in the personage of Dave Ashley. He is a fantastic man and you are very lucky to have him!

Again, thank you for everything.

Kelley Swain


I knew when we got "the boat" LJ had found a "new love"! But now I am beginning to think the new love is you!

Thanks for continuing to take LJ's calls. Your advice & knowledge of all things, GREAT & small, obviously mean a lot to him.

Hope to meet you one day!

LJ's Other Half

Kent E. Schiner


On my return from Alaska this past Saturday, I found a package from Taylor Marine.

What a pleasant surprise to find a pair of binoculars.

As a new Grady-White 300 Marlin owner, I am constantly impressed with your thoughtfulness and caring of your customers. Everyone I am in contact is helpful, friendly, and efficient.

From Skip and Dan who sold me my boat, to Terry and Kurt, your service managers I have nothing but the highest praise.

The way you conduct your business, and your professional staff have my complete loyalty and I will always have my boat serviced at your establishment.

I certainly appreciate your gift, but more importantly, I deeply appreciate how you have been of assistance to me in my times of need, and your quick response to my calls.

It's a pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to a long (hopefully, I will Live Long) relationship.

L.J. Swain

Dear Ms. Carroll:

I enjoyed talking to you by phone on September 18 regarding our new "boating life" and in particular Taylor Marine Center (TMC) where we purchased our new Marlin 300.

As I explained, I have wanted to write for some time to express my feelings related to the overall experience with TMC. I decided to call you first thinking that I might do a better job of expressing my sincerity and emotion verbally than can be conveyed or articulated in this letter. I only hope that between the call and this letter it is clear to Grady-White that it has an exceptional dealership and representation in TMC. I have had an unprecedented positive experience in dealing with TMC and particularly Dirk Van Rees.

I have never before experienced such kindness, professionalism, enthusiasm, product knowledge and patience as I have with Dirk and TMC. It is my nature to need to learn the finer points, details and technicalities of most everything that I am involved in and even more so given the magnitude of this particular purchase. Starting with my initial shopping and continuing well after the sale, Dirk has dealt professionally and promptly with apy issue or question I have thrown his way and trust me - there have been many. He has been more than willing to answer questions, and provide valuable advice and counsel and he exhibits a willingness to help that I have never before seen. I dare say it is impossible for Grady-White, or any manufacturer for that matter, to have a better dealer in its network than TMC or a better individual representative than Dirk.

Although TMC has posted business hours, Dirk has fielded questions and/or otherwise communicated with me well after closing times and other times including during his lunch and his days off. As I told you on the phone, this is our first boat and I have leaned on Dirk for counseling and advice on a wide range of topics from docking techniques to dock line size, to ski equipment to hotels at the Annapolis Boat Show. And -yes - I have asked more than my fair share of questions about the boat as well. Regardless of the topic, Dirk has provided professional and helpful responses time and time again. I could not possibly convey how valuable it is to me to feel comfortable in asking questions and knowing I will get well explained answers and advice. It is clear to me that the rest of the folks at TMC are equally professional, courteous and knowledgeable and that TMC has to be Grady- White's premier dealer.

I have known for some time that Grady-White boats are top-of-the-line. I was glad that we were able to consider that league and I am proud to be a Grady-White owner. To be certain, Grady-White' s reputation is only enhanced by its alignment with equally professional and passionate dealership representation. I am confident you cannot have better representation in your network of dealers than you have in TMC and Dirk. It would be impossible! TMC is the perfect partner for the excellent reputation of Grady-White and Grady-White should be extremely proud to have TMC representing its outstanding line of boats.

I hope you will be able to make an appropriate recognition of TMC and I will gladly serve as a reference for them or Grady-White should the opportunity arise.

Mark Slaughter


I wanted to take the time and express my appreciation, not only to you personally, but your entire crew for all your assistance with my 27 and with the Bimini. Everything you and your crew did for me was over the top, and exceeded all expectations! Please, extend my personal thanks to everyone involved.

My wife Brooke and I will be spending copious amounts of time in Florida and Costa Rica this year, spending much anticipated time together. I will probably be back looking for a 24' or 25', something I can trailer later this year.

I will be sending lunch up for all 12 of you on Friday, February 9th from Cassipolas~1 hope everyone is hungry!. Thank you again, you are the BEST!!

Serving Delmarva boaters for over 45 years!